Seorang teman lama di Universitas dulu menawarkan lowongan pekerjaan di UTRC, Irlandia.

Kalau ada yang tertarik bekerja dengan bayaran euro :)


I might provide a personal recomendation to someone that might be qualified and interested.

Feel free to forward it




Hope all is well on your side. It has been a while since we last spoke and a lot has changed on my end. Last year I moved to the United Technologies Research Centre (UTRC) Ireland. UTRC is an internationally recognized corporate research organization of United Technologies Corporation ( ) that conducts research and development across a range of technology areas to drive its mission of “growth through innovation.” UTRC partners with UTC business units and external research organizations to accelerate organic growth of the Corporation via identification and maturation of product and process technologies. UTRC’s newly-opened European research hub in Cork Ireland has been created to further leverage a global network of innovation. UTRCI will work with universities, research institutes, and industry throughout Europe to further its research and development mission in the areas of energy and security. 


We are currently hiring specialists with expertise in advanced control & optimization, building energy modeling, embedded systems, formal methods, power electronics, security technologies, wireless networks and energy management systems. The job postings can be accessed at: . 


I would appreciate if you could send the information about the job opportunities at UTRCI to your students and colleagues or perhaps provide recommendations on individuals. 




Senior Research Engineer at United Technologies Research Center Ireland


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