As part of WearIT@work project, we visit BSPP (Brigade des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris) or Firemen Brigade of Paris. They’re one of the partner in our project because one of project scenario will be implemented in firemen work.

One of the interesting story is that firemen in French is a military organization, not a civilian one. So they’re lead by a general and follow the same rank, training and some sort of military ‘body languages’. They’re founded by Napoleon in 1811 as one batallion of French army after a terrible fire in Austrian embassy. After 2 centuries in service, nowadays their duty not only to cope with fire incident, but also any general emergency case, accident and terroris attack. Aproximatelly there are 50-70 calls a day which have to be handled by almost 8000 firemen.

Fire is a dangerous business, in fact there are 6 firemen casualties in work during last four years. But still, they’re look proud of their job and believe they do meaningfull thing. Work with proud and believe, this is what people looking for, isn’t it?


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